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We understand you don’t want to waste your life anymore, you just want to move forward with your life by living with the love of your life and starting a family. Unfortunately for that to occur not only do you have to live through the agony of a long distance relationship but your partner needs to also obtain the right visa to obtain Medicare and other social services benefits.

We can provide happiness to your life.

We can also assist you in the following circumstances:

    Applicant’s current visa status
    Applicant’s adverse migration history
    Relationship being classified as High Risk
    Sponsor’s previous sponsorships and
    migration history
    Applicant’s medical & character issues
    Internet relationships
    Traditional/customary marriages
    LGBT relationships
    Fiancé/prospective marriage relationships
    De-facto relationships
    Eligibility as a partner
    Sponsorship requirements and prohibitions
    efinitions of "Spouse”, “De-facto partner” and “Family unit” as legislated in family
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    migration law
    Dependent children of your new partner
    Financial support requirements
    Compelling and compassionate circumstances
    Custody and Court orders
    Domestic violence situations
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