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Why AEVCS Australian Expert Visa & Citizenship Services?

Not only are we registered with OMARA, we also pride ourselves in our knowledge of Australian immigration law. Subsequently, we focus on all visa and citizenship options for a client to ensure that we can provide the most precise information to the client.

Having experienced the immigration process first hand we also understand the issues that clients experience.

These issues include:

    The uncertainty relating to visa applications and how DIBP will interpret it.
    The extended period of uncertainty whilst the visa application is being processed.
    The financial cost of complying with conditions and restrictions on temporary visas.
    The fear and uncertainty of notifications from DIBP
    Visa refusals and cancellations

Our goals are to:

    Provide understanding and compassion to both the visa applicant and their family’s plight.
    Simplify the visa process for our clients.
    Not just assist with one visa but obtain the best possible visa pathway for our clients. 
    Provide all visa options at a reasonable price.

At AEVCS Australian Expert Visa & Citizenship Services we believe in obtaining the best results for our clients, because we believe that the only way our company will grow is through happy and satisfied customers.

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