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Simple facts about Migration Law

Migration law might seem easy at first glance and yes some people might advise you to try to do it yourself, however did you know?

There are over 140 visa class, subclasses, streams and options in Australia migration law.

The processing times for some visas can range from a swift few days to over several decades.

The Law which determines if you can obtain a visa consists of 3,000 pages.

The DIBP also utilises a manual called PAM3 and Ministerial Directions which are over 20,000’s
     pages long.

Each visa is unique, as the conditions and restrictions imposed by the DIBP can vary significantly.

Even though the criteria for each visa is described in detail, there is a lot of subjective
    components which can be interpreted in different ways which can be dependent upon proving
    to the specific case officer allocated to you that you comply with government immigration

Migration law is dynamic and there are regular changes every few months. As such how your
    friend obtain permanent residency two or three years ago can be totally different to what is
    allowed by law today.
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